What Happens In A Float Tank?

Do you know what actually happens inside a float tank?

Our floatation pods are the size of a small car, albeit a car that holds 1000lt of water and 450kg of Epsom salt. They are 7 feet 6 inches long, nearly 5 feet wide and you can comfortably sit inside them. The lid has a range of positions so you don’t have to close it completely if you prefer but most people are often pleasantly surprised at the spaciousness of the pods.

When you enter the pod, you are going into an environment designed to totally deprive your nervous system of sensory inputs. Many people describe an awkwardness when they start their first session – this is just your nervous system trying to understand the environment you are in and resetting to its new reality. Once your body accepts this new environment you start to feel the effects of your nervous system resetting. The second thing you feel is the effect of your body starting to absorb the magnesium, magnesium inhibits the hormone cortisol which is known as the stress hormone and this is why you can feel the stress melting away whilst you are floating.

Some of the benefits you may not know about when you float includes an increase in clarity after your float session, this can include a sharper and more increased focus which can include clearer thinking and more precise cognitive function.

In one study it was shown that in a group of athletes, their blood lactate levels were reduced by 20% after a 60 minute float session. You may ask, what does that mean to me? Well you know when you go to the gym, play sports or anything you do that makes you sore, that soreness is a build up of lactic acid and it can take days to flush it from your system. Floatation is a great way to help speed up the process and flush the lactate from your system so you can continue to train hard.

In a new study looking at gut health it was discovered that by floating and transdermally absorbing magnesium, it bypasses the digestive tract and helps absorb nutrients more efficiently within your gut biome. It has also been shown that magnesium helps to trigger special enzymes that the body needs to aid in digestion and also helps detoxify the body.

These are just some of the health benefits that floating can have on our mind and body.