Improve Your Sleep

Improve Your Sleep

Quality sleep is a very important factor in your overall health and wellbeing but many people have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or get poor-quality sleep. Breaking the habit of insomnia can be hard but the services on offer at Urban Recharge can help improve your sleep patterns.


Bad sleep and insomniaMagnesium is an important mineral in helping with sleep, and it is a mineral that approximately 50% of people are deficient in. As luck would have it, our float tanks are filled with Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salts) and one of the best ways to absorb magnesium is through the skin, so it is the ideal way to boost your magnesium levels.

Not only can magnesium help you get to sleep, but it plays a part in helping you achieve deep and restful sleep as well. Healthline provide detailed information and research on the benefits of magnesium on sleep and an extract is provided below

On a chemical level, magnesium aids your body and brain to relax by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, the system responsible for getting you calm and relaxed.

First, magnesium regulates neurotransmitters, which send signals throughout the nervous system and brain. It also regulates the hormone melatonin, which guides the sleep-wake cycles in your body

Second, this mineral binds to gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptors. GABA is the neurotransmitter responsible for quieting down nerve activity. By helping to quiet the nervous system, magnesium may help prepare your body and mind for sleep.

If you are new to floating and want to know what to expect, you can find more information on our float page.


If you have spent time inside an infrared sauna, you’ll be aware of how relaxed you feel after your session.

Infrared saunas help with thermoregulation in the body and activate what is known as a parasympathetic state, which slows our heart and breathing rates, lowers blood pressure and promotes digestion. This encourages the body to enter a state of relaxation

As your body cools off after a sauna session it produces melatonin and sends signals to your brain that it is ready to sleep

The National Library of Medicine has also published articles stating that infrared sauna therapy can help with the side effects of chronic fatigue syndrome and help regulate hormones in our body that assist with better quality sleep.