Improve Athletic Performance

Sport or exercise, whether professionally or recreationally, exerts your muscles which requires a recovery process to prevent injuries, support tissue recovery, enhance performance, and just generally get you back into action. A great way to achieve this is to incorporate a regular massage into your routine.

Some of the benefits of regular massage for athletes include:

Reduce Inflammation and Decrease Recovery Time
Muscles continually strive to rebuild and recover, this process is helped by massage as it minimises and reduces inflammation. This process is incredibly important to help repair muscles, decrease recovery time and minimise downtime.

Maximize Performance
Regular massage can increase the blood flow to the fascia and muscle tissues. This increased circulation leads to faster recovery time and a reduced level of soreness along with increasing your flexibility and range of motion. These improvements can give you an edge over your competitors.

Risk of Injury Decreased
Injuries can mean no training or sport for weeks or months, with a likelihood of limited mobility when you return to training. The benefits of massage mentioned above such as reduced inflammation and an increased range of motion combine to significantly reduce your risk of suffering an injury.

Reduce Pain
Pain makes us cautious and can put limits how hard we push ourselves. A massage promotes mitochondria creation which decreases painful inflammation and supports energy and healing. A massage can reduce anxiety and stress which can help distract from thoughts of the pain.

Just like training, it can take time to see the ongoing benefits, but the key is consistency. A regular wellness routine will bring noticeable health benefits and enhanced athletic abilities.