Floating To Fight COVID

In a research paper co-authored by cardiovascular research scientist James DiNicolantonio (PharmD) and cardiologist James O’Keefe (MD), they suggest that increasing levels of magnesium and vitamin D in the body may help people successfully fight off the COVID-19 virus.

Magnesium improves the white blood cells’ ability to seek out and destroy germs. It also activates vitamin D in the body, and vitamin D is a key ingredient to strengthening the immune system. . As our float tanks are filled with Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom salts) your body absorbs the magnesium during your float, restoring you to optimal levels and thus helping to improve your immune system.

A healthy immune system may stop you from catching the virus at all or minimise the effects if you should get it. It can also assist you with a much faster recovery.

Throughout the pandemic, vitamin D and magnesium deficiencies has been seen in over 80% of patients with severe cases of the virus. Below is an extract from the article advising the outcome of some of the studies that have been conducted into this.

A study conducted in Singapore between January and April 2020 tested 43 COVID-19 patients aged 50 or above. A group of 17 patients received magnesium, vitamin D, and B12 daily, while the other 26 did not. Those who received supplementation had an 87 percent lower risk of requiring oxygen therapy and an 85 percent lower risk of needing intensive care.

Another study tested 40 COVID-19 patients who were asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic. Some took vitamin D supplements for two weeks until they achieved a healthy blood level, others took a placebo. After three weeks, three times as many patients in the vitamin D group tested negative for COVID-19 than those who took the placebo.

Low levels of magnesium and vitamin D are a common characteristic in a majority of patients with COVID-19. Getting these levels back into the normal range is a safe and inexpensive over-the-counter treatment that can strengthen immune function. Dr. DiNicolantonio’s and Dr. O’Keefe’s paper concluded that magnesium and vitamin D should get special consideration in the general population during the pandemic.

This information was gathered from an article from the Saint Luke’s Heart Institute along with an extract of the research paper by Drs DiNicolantonio and O’Keefe.

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