Float therapy allows you to experience weightlessness as you lay in temperature controlled pod of concentrated salt. Your body can relax and recover and your mind will have the opportunity to drift away.

Saunas can offer a range benefits including: improved sleep & circulation, relaxation and detoxification. Unlike steam saunas our infrared saunas use heat lamps to raise body temperature directly.

Massage is a traditional and proven therapy that can be traced right back to the Ancient Greeks. It can be used to ease muscle tension, improve circulation and promote relaxtion.

The Benefits of Floating

Floation therapy can help induce a deeply relaxed state that offers multiple benefits to your body. For some people, just one hour of floatation therapy is equivalent to approximately four hours of restorative sleep!

Entering into such a deeply relaxed state can have amazing effects on your body. Just some of the benefits of floating can include:

  • Reducing stress which can lead to improved cardiovascular health
  • Better sleep
  • Help relieve headaches and chronic pain
  • Help relieve back and neck pain
  • Reduce anxiety and help with mental health & depression 

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Floating Helps Anxiety & Depression

Floating Helps Anxiety & Depression

The Laureate Institute for Brain Research (LIBR) announced the PLoS One publication of the 1st float study ever conducted in patients suffering from both anxiety and depression. The trial, conducted from Dr. Justin Feinstein's Float Clinic and Research Center at LIBR...

Celebs Who Sauna

Celebs Who Sauna

Celebrities are always in the public eye and are required to keep themselves healthy and looking great. Here are just a few celebs who recognise the health, relaxation and beauty benefits that come from using an infrared sauna.

Epsom Salts

Epsom Salts

Epsom salts, also known as magnesium sulphate, is a chemical compound made up of magnesium, sulphur, and oxygen. It was originally discovered in the town of Epsom in Surrey, England, from which it derives its name. Magnesium is a mineral that is very beneficial to your health, it is essential for the functioning of all cells and it is a mineral that many people are deficient in. With the high levels of magnesium in found in Epsom Salts and its easy absorption through the skin, floating is a great way to increase the levels within your body.

With the combination of science and innovation, we aim to restore balance to our communities physical, emotional & mental health.

Urban Recharge offers solutions to naturally optimise your body’s ability to heal itself. We offer a range of premium therapies including Float Therapy, Infrared Sauna & Massage Therapy, designed to relax, repair & recharge you to the healthiest version of yourself.


To be honest I was pretty apprehensive about this experience. Not sure what to expect and would I get anything out of it at all. Absolutely blown away! Just total relaxation. The pods are big enough so as to not feel claustrophobic and absolutely everything is explained in detail by their lovely admin staff. Can’t recommend this enough. Had the best night’s sleep last night too and have been so much more relaxed about stuff that normally stresses me out. Seriously, try it out! You won’t be disappointed.


OMG!! What a superb, tranquil oasis close to the heart of Brisbane. My one hour float session was literally the equivalent of 4hours sleep. The venue was clean and well kept. As a first-time ‘floater’ time was taken to show me the ins and outs… no question was too dumb. The equipment and facilities were clean and new. So much emphasis here on relaxing and forgetting about the outside world. I can’t wait to return.


What better way to relax, went back for my first time in a few years. It’s such a calm and soothing place, well presented and tidy. The actual floating is surreal and I stepped out feeling immensely better and relieved. It makes it easy that you don’t have to bring anything either, just yourself


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